Self Love Series Part 3: Surprise!

pregnancy announcement

Well, not exactly the ending we originally had in mind for Part 3 of my Self Love Series, but definitely more exciting.

If you haven’t picked up on the not so subtle hint from my shirt in the photo above, I am PREGNANT!

pregnancy announcement

As you may have read in Part 1:Hitting Rock Bottom and Part 2: It Starts with Acceptance, I shared my struggles with eating disorders, control issues, and hormone imbalance, as well as road to recovery from each. I was on a great path regaining my health and balancing my hormones but we definitely didn’t think pregnancy was in our very near future, nor did we EVER imagine it would come so easily and as an accident (TMI?!). We were originally told that I could never get pregnant, but we knew that was most likely no longer the case after doing everything in my power to turn my health around.

And here we are! With a very unexpected addition to our little squad on the way. We are nervous and SO excited all at once!

I’ve been pretty quiet lately on social media as the past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind as morning (aka ALL DAY) sickness and 100 naps a day have been taking over. All worth it to grow a little person that we were previously told we might not ever be able to do.

Starting to regain some energy, keeping my diet as clean as possible (but I’m sorry, there were a few weeks when diet consisted of bread, crackers, and oatmeal. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do), and staying active when I feel up to it. I’ll be posting my entire journey here so stay tuned for many updates. 🙂

We are due in February! If you do the math, YES, we are announcing this earlier than most people do but because so much of my personal life has already been poured out into the open here, I figured why not share the GOOD stuff too?!

So, Tyler and I both want to THANK YOU ALL for so much love and support through this journey. It only gets better from here!

pregnancy announcement