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Welcome! This blog means so much to me so THANK YOU for stopping by.

My name is Casey. I'm a 30 year old new mama and the one woman show behind the blog. With my background as a holistic health practitioner, this began as a resource for all things organic, holistic, and healing, but it has since, taken a turn towards more of a lifestyle blog. You'll still find bits and pieces of healthy living tips but you'll also find new mama topics, [mostly healthy] recipes, beauty tutorials, and more. I still sway towards a pretty crunchy lifestyle so most of the products I use will be natural & non-toxic (but hey, I'm human so don't expect me to tell you that I don't drink margaritas and highlight my hair). 

I’m also a web designer and business coach over at Casey Jones Designs.

I'm married to my best friend, Tyler and we have a two-year-old son, Emerson, who inspires everything I do. He has made our little family so complete [at least until the baby fever kicks in again]. We are both originally from south Florida but now live in Santa Barbara, California.

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